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A female owned and operated company, PIFS was established by two women to advance gender equity in sports at all levels. A primary objective is to create and enhance more opportunities for women as professional athletes, as managers, as leaders in the profession. To that end, we’ve created a unique and contemporary model that empowers female athletes to play forward their talents and sport experiences by educating, training and nurturing other athletes and the community. As sport ambassadors ‘off the field’, they’ll be able to extend their potential earnings as professional athletes. In turn the communities they are impacting will play forward their support by engaging in and attending women’s pro sports events.

March 2, 2016


On February 6th we had our Inaugural Kick off of our campus kids event. The idea behind this event is to encourage kids and their families to get onto college campuses at influential ages. This allows the kids to get on the campus and dream about going to college one day! In tandem, they will attend a women's sports event so that these tremendous athletes have fans that cheer them on and these women athletes feel valued in the sports community! Now I won't go off on my experiences in the NCAA and women's college events....well maybe I will a little. My comments relate to marketing dollars--women coaches and athletes at the top schools at least have a marketing budget; You may say--yeah so what...well the "have not" schools (schools that give lip service for their women's programs) will nod their heads at what I am about to say:  It had been my experience at one of the "have not" resourced schools in athletics (most schools) that women's programs get limited marketing budgets.  Digit Murphy Athletics, the New England Sports Village and Dave Matz at Method Lax.
As a matter of fact, they get close to nothing in marketing resources. They might get the intern who has limited experience or the coaches and assistant coaches do their own marketing to promote their team. Let's face it limited people come to watch us do what takes years of training to do well.  At the Division 3 I am sure resources are scrce as well. By the way--secondary MEN's sports are in this category as well. But let's focus on women.  We feel that coaches should coach not worry about marketing and ticket sales--so Play It Forward Campus Kids was born out of the need for college women to have more fans-we do the marketing and "fan-raising"!  This Inaugural Campus Kids was sponsored by yours truly
We had our kids and families leave on a bus from the parking lot of Attleboro high school to the Providence College Campus! We all met at Schneider Arena and were able to have Goaltender Sara Bryant come on the bus and tell us about her experience at Providence College. She told us about her major--Biology. And how she will be graduating in May. She told us about the importance of studying and working hard in school. We were grateful that she talked to us before her game! As we stepped off the bus we ran into first year player Tille Burzynski! She told us about the value of doing well in school and getting good grades and working hard in athletics. Her first year at experience at Providence College and the great things that the school offered was the topic of conversation for us it was fantastic! We were thankful of her time before the game :)

We were then shuffled off to a glorious campus tour lead by players and managers from the team.  As we walked the campus, players told us about going to college, having good grades, and aspiring to be at great schools like PC some day! We ended our tour in the lobby of Schneider Arena. What a marvelous facility! We were blown away by the breath and depth of the rink, the ice surface, jumbo-tron, lights and music!!
 Justin Simpson--hockey operations director, greeted us. He led us to the Friar room where we were honored to be able to talk with Head Coach Bob Deraney. His inspirational talk about being a good student, good citizen, and hard worker was incredible. He told of his own journey through college athletics and challenged us to be in charge of our own destiny and hold ourselves accountable in life. He acknowledged his own players and staff and us the importance of TEAM work!
 We hung out for several minutes in the plush Friar Room lounge that over looked the rink--we felt like VIP's! We waited until the pizza came and we headed back to the lobby for the pizza.  Then we ate pizza and made signs to cheer on the players at the game! Our favorites were "Tillie" #28 and Sara #27! It was an amazing game and the action was fantastic! Unfortunately PC lost to #9 Northeastern but they put up a great fight! After the game we had autographs with the team then took the bus home! It was amazing! 
Our goals were achieved--we got kids to campus thinking about college and we got them to appreciate the game and interact with our fine role model women athletes! As a bonus, we had the great pleasure of meeting a young man who wrote about gender equality in sports--Hunter Murray is in 5th grade and is 10years old he wrote an essay and said that we can display his essay to the world! Thanks Hunter! CLICK HERE TO VIEW IT
We welcome you to help us on our mission to help women's sports in all areas succeed! Please look at our website for more information donate or contact us at if you would like to sponsor another campus kids

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