Play It Forward Sport Foundation Inc. + Women's Pro Sports
empowering women ~ cultivating leaders ~ changing the social landscape

A female owned and operated company, PIFS was established by two women to advance gender equity in sports at all levels. A primary objective is to create and enhance more opportunities for women as professional athletes, as managers, as leaders in the profession. To that end, we’ve created a unique and contemporary model that empowers female athletes to play forward their talents and sport experiences by educating, training and nurturing other athletes and the community. As sport ambassadors ‘off the field’, they’ll be able to extend their potential earnings as professional athletes. In turn the communities they are impacting will play forward their support by engaging in and attending women’s pro sports events.

Board of Champions

Our Vision
We envision a world where women can be paid to play sports and are valued as role model leaders in the community.  

Our Mission
The Play It Forward Sport Foundation mission is to provide female athletes leadership opportunities that empower them to play forward their sport skills and experiences—to launch PIFS athletes who will nurture a new generation of female leaders, through experiential interactions in our communities.

Board of Champions
The Play It Forward Sport Board of Champions is a diverse group of leaders in our community united by their personal experiences and belief in our mission—the notion that women want and deserve equal access and opportunities in sports.  Our Champions promote awareness of the challenges that women face in sports and advocate the community programming efforts of PIFS. 

Members of the Board of Champions are key change agents in shifting the paradigm for women in sports and will support PIFS in a variety of ways.  Champions will be: 
  • Informed:  Become an expert in PIFS goals, programming and operations
  • Engaged:  Keep up with PFIS current events through social media, reading emails and articles pertaining to our effort; actively spread the word to others
  • Active:  Attend or speak at events whenever possible and encourage your network; assist with ideas for promotional initiatives, prospects, and communications.
  • Versed:  Articulate our elevator speech; actively share information about PIFS with friends, neighbors, and business associates.  
  • Ignited:  The change starts with us—a financial investment in the success of PIFS at the Champion level ($250+ per year) demonstrates a commitment to the mission.  If we don’t truly value our vision, why should others?

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