Play It Forward Sport Foundation Inc. + Women's Pro Sports
empowering women ~ cultivating leaders ~ changing the social landscape

A female owned and operated company, PIFS was established by two women to advance gender equity in sports at all levels. A primary objective is to create and enhance more opportunities for women as professional athletes, as managers, as leaders in the profession. To that end, we’ve created a unique and contemporary model that empowers female athletes to play forward their talents and sport experiences by educating, training and nurturing other athletes and the community. As sport ambassadors ‘off the field’, they’ll be able to extend their potential earnings as professional athletes. In turn the communities they are impacting will play forward their support by engaging in and attending women’s pro sports events.

Our Story

Empowering women….cultivating leaders…changing the social landscape

What is it?  A female owned business created to change the paradigm in women’s professional sports, as elite, professional athletes are paid to compete and to play forward their skills as sport champions for community causes.   Our passion is to progress gender equity in sports at all levels, with special emphasis on providing creative ways for professional athletes to earn a living in their sport.  

Who is our target audience?  Any individual or corporation interested in actively participating in groundbreaking change in women’s sports; all sports fans interested in doing their part to make a difference.  Anyone interested in gender equity and moving the needle for women’s empowerment and leadership development.  All sports fans!

What’s in it for you?  Depending on your investment appetite, you can participate as a philanthropic donor or as an investor.  
  • You get to participate in one of the hottest social initiatives today, pay equity; 
  • you benefit from the positive PR associated with companies rooted in women’s empowerment and escalating female leadership; 
  • your company benefits by having an athlete champion represent your corporate goals or increase the awareness of your brand especially among biggest section of consumers.  
  • Or you can make an investment and benefit from a planned projected return or an equity value partnership.  You decide.
What are sources of revenue?  
  • Through the Foundation, funding will be in the form of corporate sponsorship's, foundation giving and individual charitable contributions.  
  • On the professional sports league side, revenues will be derived from ticket sales, merchandising, advertising, TV, youth camps/clinics, special sport events and corporate sponsorship's, as funneled in from the Foundation, initially
  • Projected revenues will vary by sport and size of League, but expect 30-40% from ticket sales and merchandising initially with exponential growth based on increased marketing and brand development
What do the expenses look like?  Operational costs of the Foundation and professional League operations is around $2.5m (depending on the sport funded).  Operating expenses include:  Foundation and League administration, player salaries, facilities, game operations, travel/lodging, insurance, etc.

For more detailed information please contact or call Digit Murphy at 401.339.1219 or Aronda Kirby at 401.316.0338

Digit Murphy
Two-time Clarkson Cup champion and  ‘2013 CWHL Coach of the Year’, Digit Murphy was in her third year at the helm of the Boston Blades, the only women’s professional hockey team in the USA when the thought of Play It Forward Sport became the focus of her next mission for women. Long time known as a leading advocate for women’s sports with a ferocity to change the landscape for women, Murphy decided a shift in thought process was necessary to change the sports landscape.

“What we wanted was for people to view women as sports heroes, and I looked at so many opportunities that men were benefiting from on the backs of female athletes.  They had tournaments that were making 6 figures, they had the best paying jobs in women’s hockey, yet the athletes were struggling to earn salaries.  It wasn’t fair…so Play It Forward was born!”

Launching the Play It Forward Sport Foundation, Inc. as a means to get professional women athletes paid and empowering them to  make a living in the sports they love and continue the development at that professional sports level. In addition, growing the leadership positions in the sports world is paramount to the mission of Play It Forward Sport. “If you look at what we have done in a short period of time by launching a whole sports league in lacrosse the UWLX, we have created over 100 opportunities for women that had never existed. Women can be commissioners, head coaches, assistant coaches, athletes, writers, promoters marketers…we should look at sports through a gender lens, but in our society it is still a challenging conversation to have.”

We at Play It Forward want to engage in that discussion and talk about the whys? Why is it so difficult for women to be viewed as sports heroes or coaches or advocates or officials? We want to tackle these tough questions and get to the root of the problem.  We believe that women deserve a seat at the table in every aspect of life including sports. We want women to feel comfortable and own their own sports space. This is what Play It Forward is about!”

Since retiring from college hockey, Murphy continues to be a pioneer in women’s sports as a leader in girls’ junior hockey development in New England and During her 22 years as the first female Head Coach at Brown University after 2 years as the assistant.  She is a top-five-all-time leader in career wins by a Division 1 head coach with 318 across her career.  In that time her teams garnered numerous awards including 3 National Championship appearances, 6 ECAC regular season or tournament and 5 Ivy League Titles, producing 7 Olympians and 3 All-Americans.  In 1998 Digit became the first female color analyst for the Four Nations Cup against Canada and again at the 1998 Nagano Olympics.  In 1992, she was named assistant for the US National team, taking silver against Finland.

In 2004 she was inducted to the International Scholar Athlete Hall of Fame for her work on the ice and off the ice in women’s sports.  She is a 4-year varsity standout at Cornell University serving as captain during her junior and senior years, earning All-Ivy honors all four years and Ivy League Player of the Year in 1981.  She is ranked third on Cornell’s all time scoring list with 213 points (123 goals and 90 assists).

Aronda Kirby
Aronda spent three years with the Boston Blades in team operations and most recently as GM; after two Clarkson Cup wins with the franchise she is making the move to the next innovative endeavor in women’s sports.

As co-founder of the Play It Forward Sport Foundation, she will be establishing a model where female pro athletes can get paid to play pro hockey, while playing forward their skills to be sport ambassadors—mentoring and empowering other athletes in the community.

With 15 years experience in hockey development and operations and over 30 years in business and technology project management, she intends to use this wealth of knowledge as a spring board to start this new initiative.

As GM she served as Director of Operations and Game Management for the Blades organization, facilitating and coordinating all aspects of team operations, game day logistics and personnel; as Director for Digit Murphy Enterprises, she managed player recruiting and retention, the operations of elite player development camps, community day camps and the RI high school development league of players.

As a co-founder and Director for the RI IXpress, hockey program in Rhode Island, she was instrumental in the development of the first girls’ Tier 1 hockey program in the state; in this capacity Aronda had administrative oversight for finance, game operations, managed the program staff and volunteers, coordinated player development initiatives and worked as the liaison for all the community outreach programs.  She also served as a board member of The Friends of the Blades organization and was a 2013 fellow of the Rhode Island Women’s Fund Policy Institute.

Digit Says...