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Hockey Stick and Puck


Inspiration in every turn


The Unsung Hero girls hockey development clinic is stepping outside the typical skills and drills  based approach for your daughter’s summer hockey clinic. Play it Forward Sport is bringing this clinic to you with a focus on providing female hockey athletes the opportunity to build confidence on and off the ice by developing leadership and communication skills, enhancing their ability to problem solve through team building, and lift other girls in the sport up through a three day on and off ice clinic. 


Our approach is unique in this clinic. We are supported and driven by a 100% female staff, with a focus on confidence building through leadership and team skills. Our goal is for players to leave this clinic gaining not only physical skill and strength, but the mental benefits of increased confidence, self awareness and support from other girls. 


This is achieved through on ice drills to build confidence in stick handling, skating drills and play building, as well as off ice strength and conditioning with a focus on team building and leadership, all with the focus on building confidence and self awareness. 

Our Story

Our particular group of women leaders reunited at the RIISL banquet after 20 years. Many of the RIIL coaches, were participants of the Digit Murphy Hockey Camps in the early 2000's. These camps inspired many of them to continue to pursue playing hockey into adulthood, as well as become coaches later in life. Digit Murphy was and continues to be a trailblazer for female athletes. Her contribution to the growth and development of young female hockey players was finally recognized in 2023, with the inaugural UNSUNG HERO Digit Murphy award. As we sat at the banquet enjoying each other’s company, we discussed what the award meant and the current state of RI girls’ hockey. We made a vow to continue and grow the base of female leaders and hockey players in the state. The discussion was passionate, heartfelt, and the birth place of the idea that has become the Unsung Hero Clinic.

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