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What We Do

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Play it Forward Sport aims to advance gender equality by creating opportunities and sharing the inspiration of women’s sports. The organization has developed a unique and contemporary model that empowers female athletes to play forward their talents and experiences as they inspire, educate, and mentor others to reach their dreams.This newsletter will amplify women standing out in sport, support like-minded causes, and showcase opportunities to support Play It Forward Sport's mission.



  •  ​Education and inspiration to advance girls and women, create opportunities towards gender equality, and break down gender biases that hold girls and women back from being the true leaders they are.


  • Play it Forward Sport Ambassadors who believe in the mission and actively engage by leading Campus Kids and See it Be it Events, being an elite athlete spokesperson, and donating to Play it Forward Sport non-profit.

  • See it Be it Events brings elite athletes into the community to share inspiring stories of advancement and leadership so everyone - girls, boys, women, men, parents, teachers, community leaders - can SEE what can BE.

  • Campus Kids brings young athletes to intercollegiate and professional athletic events so that underserved girls and boys know these opportunities are available to them and are inspired to reach their dreams. 

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