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The goals of this community outreach program is to get hundreds of grade school children to college campuses in order to inspire educational goals and dreams as early as possible. As well as, promoting awareness of female athletes as role models and empowering them to be leaders for young students in the community.

It is proven that students who participate in sports, especially girls, do better in school. Participation in sports leads to higher self-esteem, which leads to higher confidence and higher achievement. Higher achievement has a direct impact on improving economic benefits for women-a 10% increase in sports participation  leads to a 1% increase in academic achievement and college entrance and a 2% increase in entrance into male dominated jobs and executive success (from TEDx Talk by Dr. Nicole LaVoi).

The social impact of this program is providing an experience that let's young students imagine what they can achieve-academically and in a sports career. They will have direct interaction with the highest-level athletes, coaches and sports staff. PIFS believes that is equally important for young girls as is is for their male peers if we're to continue to breakdown barriers and achieve equal opportunity for girls/women in sport.

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An essay on the topic of

Gender Inequality in Sports


by: Hunter Murray, age 11


Gender Inequality has been going on for over 50 years and still is going on to this day.  There has been a problem from being 10 years old to 30 years old young women have been judged by gender inequality. Even in the middle of a WNBA there is always at least one person who judges a player.


   Here are some examples of sports that were totally made up from a sport that was made for a boy that were split and changed to be made for a girl. For example baseball and softball soft ball was made up for a girl with a bigger ball and bigger bats.  Another one would be field hockey. Field Hockey was made up from lacrosse but it has curved sticks and is on concrete. These are all examples of how teams have been separated. And this has been since you were young to growing old.


Moving on to the professional sports and there three things that need to be changed. Starting off at the salary of the women versus men. In the salary of the whole team was 673,000. On a men’s b-ball team they got 46,000,000. Women’s sports is not marketed the same as men’s.  The discrimination was that not many people would buy tickets to the games and would not be broadcast the games either.


  In my opinion I think that all of this should be changed. And the salary should be equal to the men’s. The marketing should be the same as men’s. And I think that they should be treated equal.

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