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Empowering women - Cultivating leaders - Changing the social landscape

About us

Play It Forward Sport was founded by Digit Murphy and Aronda Kirby to advance gender equity in sports at all levels.

A primary objective is to create and enhance more opportunities for women as professional athletes, as managers, and as leaders in the sports profession. PIFS utilizes a unique and contemporary model that empowers female athletes to play forward their talents and sport experiences by educating, training and mentoring other athletes and by participating as sport ambassadors in their communities. As sport ambassadors “off the field” PIFS athletes will be able to extend their potential earnings as professional athletes. In turn, the communities they are impacting will play forward their support by engaging in and attending women’s pro sports events.

In addition to the mission of creating opportunity we work hard to create educational programs for children to help them understand what it takes to create opportunity. Through programs such as Campus Kids, we bring community youth out to college campuses and allow them to interact with NCAA Scholar-Athletes, helping them understand what it takes to reach their own goals. We help create the vision required for these youth to attain the goals they knew, and the ones they never thought possible, all through the world of sport.

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Our Athletes

We are proud to support these athletes in our mission to create a sustainable women’s sports model.

Women in the News

Recent news about women standing out in sport.

In The Community

Read about our community programs and find out how you can help.

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